ElenaFlorelena is the artistic pseudonym from Elena Chauvin, an artist and photographer from Belgium.

After attending professional¬†drawing courses at the “Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (ABK)” in Mechelen she continued her Fine Arts education at the “Stedelijke Academie Beeldende Kunst” in Zottegem, this time focusing on painting.

Florelena’s paintings are rich in color, expressive and have strong contrast. She particularly loves creating portraits with a pinch of surrealism.

She also has a passion for photography. Florelena started with photography to capture memories that will last forever and to catch the beauty in every day. After a while she started sharing her work on stock photo agencies. Stock photography allowed Florelena to produce high quality works and share her vision with millions of people in the world. Florelena’s photographs are currently widespreadly used in book covers, posters, magazines and many other ventures.

Florelena is currently available for customized art work and professional photography sessions.


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